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Bio: Steve Scher

Small Business Advisor | Speaker

Steve Scher is a business advisor for entrepreneurs, small business owners, franchise owners, and aspiring entrepreneurs. As a business mentor, professional speaker, and acclaimed author of High Risk, High Reward, Steve guides business owners to achieve ultimate success and financial freedom.

In particular, he’s passionate about sharing proven strategies to:

  1. Build out your business to its full potential and maximum value.
  2. Strategically hire reformed ex-offenders (Second Chancers) and those who have been left behind: military veterans and people with special needs.
  3. Conduct thorough due diligence to make an educated decision on whether to purchase a company.

An exceptionally successful entrepreneur, Steve previously served as CEO & Owner of Acrobat Outsourcing. Thinking he was buying a “diamond in the rough” in 2005, it turned out this tiny, under-performing staffing company offered 2 unreliable employees and no real systems for sales, marketing, or operations.

During his 14 years as CEO, Steve worked hard to overcome many business challenges and all the curveballs that most entrepreneurs experience throughout their careers, including economic downturns. In the process, he honed his leadership skills, learned the true value of employees, and understood the importance of creating a great culture.

Over the years, Steve forged his business into a leading temporary staffing company with 18 offices nationwide, hundreds of loyal employees, and $50 million in annual revenue. This temporary staffing solutions company specializes in hospitality, foodservice, convention, and related industries. The impressive customer list includes Apple, DropBox, Fairmont, Google, Hyatt, and Marriott; elite university systems such as Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCLA, USC, and University of Texas; large hospital systems throughout the US; and concessionaires for major league sports teams and events including multiple Super Bowls and World Series.

Steve built a team and processes that could be scaled and replicated. While establishing coast-to-coast locations, he applied various strategies to build out the business. Eventually, he mastered a proprietary approach that delivers the best ROI in terms of efficiency, loyal employees, unified culture, and long-term profitability.

In the early years of running Acrobat Outsourcing, Steve personally interviewed and hired employees to fulfill organizations’ temporary and permanent job openings. At last count, his company hired in excess of 100,000 employees to staff tens of thousands of jobs. Consequently, he gained extraordinary insight into recruiting, hiring, firing, and selecting high-potential employees.

Meeting Planner: Bring this wildly successful entrepreneur to your group.

I invite you to watch one of the recruiting videos created while I was CEO of Acrobat Outsourcing.

This offers insight into my leadership style and the type of company I created.

In the process, Steve uncovered a “hidden” source of talent. He actively sought out and hired people no one else would: military veterans, reformed ex-offenders, and people with special needs. Passionate about giving people a second chance, Steve guides business owners to apply this unique social-responsibility recruitment strategy, take a calculated risk, and leverage win/win results within their community and industry.

Eventually, Steve fulfilled the American dream of not just building a great business but also selling his business at maximum value.

An ardent believer in entrepreneurialism, Steve teaches courses in entrepreneurialism at the University of California, Berkeley. He holds an AS degree in hotel and restaurant management and a BS degree in hospitality management. Steve was recognized as “Small Business Owner of the Year” by the City and County of San Francisco in 2012 and is the recipient of multiple other awards and recognitions including “Employer of the Year” from JobTrain.

Steve enjoys spending time with his wife Elizabeth and their 5 kids. An avid sports fan, he often coaches kids’ baseball and basketball teams. In his spare time, he loves to exercise, attend sporting events, and travel the world. Steve’s life motto is: “Make every experience you have with someone a positive experience.”

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