High Risk, High Reward

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High Risk, High Reward

The journey of an “underdog entrepreneur” who took chances, overcame obstacles, and built a $50 million business

The ink was barely dry on the contract when panic struck.

After sinking his life savings into an underperforming company, Steve Scher found he had purchased a business with two unreliable employees, a culture rife with sabotage, no real systems for marketing and sales, and a shabby office located in one of San Francisco’s roughest neighborhoods – the Tenderloin District!

Determined to fulfill his entrepreneurial dream, Steve rebuilt his company from scratch.

Overcoming virtually every roadblock possible, Steve grew the business into a $50 million company with 18 offices coast-to-coast and thousands of loyal employees. After 14 years at the helm, Steve sold his company for 8 figures.

Steve’s business journey inspires entrepreneurs in the throes of running a demanding business as well as aspiring entrepreneurs looking to pursue their passion and live the American Dream. It’s true – you CAN build and sell a successful business!

Packed with creative solutions, this guide to business success includes:

  • Steve’s personal formula for entrepreneurial success – Low risk, low reward / High risk, high reward – and how this can radically transform your business
  • Real-world tips to create a culture of agility and loyalty
  • The pros and cons of growing organically vs. acquisitions
  • How to make technology work for you – and your bottom line
  • Inspiration to fight for your business every day!
  • Tips to build out your business and maximize value
  • How to implement a unique social-responsibility recruitment strategy: Hire military vets, reformed ex-offenders, and people with special needs
  • A checklist to prepare your exit strategy, so you can get the highest sale price possible and experience true financial freedom!

High Risk, High Reward is an inspirational story of entrepreneurialism – and your go-to reference guide for business success. Keep it on your bookshelf and refer to it often.

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“We don’t get to control our circumstances – only our reactions to them. Steve Scher’s story is a masterclass in turning lemons into lemonade and a reminder that, in business, the difference between those who make it and those who don’t is the audacity to believe in yourself and your vision. This is a must-read for business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.”

– Chef Robert Irvine, host of Food Network’s Restaurant: Impossible

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