Build Out Your Business

How can you build out your business to its full potential?

Most likely, one of your key business goals is to significantly build out – and eventually sell – a thriving business. For most entrepreneurs, an aggressive growth strategy is the path to ultimate success and financial freedom.

But that path is strewn with stumbling blocks:

  • How do you build a team of loyal, capable, committed employees?
  • How do you create a strong culture – a unified culture – across every office or division?
  • How do you efficiently replicate processes and scale your business for the greatest ROI?
  • How and where do you spend your money in order to get the best ROI?
  • How do you compensate, motivate, and inspire your employees to buy into your vision and make them part of the success of your company?
  • How can you leverage your business to maximize the highest value possible in order to sell it?

Let’s discover hidden strategies for success.

As your business advisor and mentor, I’ll teach you how to maximize the value of your business to receive the highest EBITDA multiple possible. We’ll begin by dissecting the entire operation of your business. I’ll dive into every facet, soup to nuts, with a thorough review of each area: sales, marketing, operations, finance, and human resources.

I’m an entrepreneur at heart, and I want to help business owners live their dream of owning a thriving business. The key is building out your business to maximize value and grow it to its full potential.

If this is your goal, we’ll discuss the different approaches to build out a business. For example, should you acquire an existing business? This approach requires intense due diligence, carefully “looking under the hood” to ensure good ROI for your investment. Or should you build out organically? Typically, organic growth takes longer for the office to gain a foothold, yet it can offer more control and less drama. Together, we’ll look at the pros and cons of acquisitions versus organic growth, then strategize a clear direction to maximize your long-term profitability.

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Get a new perspective – fresh eyes – to uncover your hidden potential.

In my 14 years as CEO of Acrobat Outsourcing, I uncovered a multitude of hidden strategies to build out my business for maximum value. This is a critical step to realize the American dream of selling a high-net-worth business and achieving ultimate financial success.

When we work together, we’ll address multiple facets of your business. Here is a sneak peek into my success formula:

  • Developing a strong culture is a vital foundation to build a strong, agile business. In fact, it’s far more critical than many business owners realize.
  • When launching a business, you need to keep it “lean and mean.” However, you need to balance this with continually investing in your business.
  • Take steps to create accountability throughout the operations and customers service flow.
  • When it comes to sales and marketing, you cannot wing it. You need an aggressive, realistic plan.
  • Clearly, it’s important to closely manage your P&L. One reason is to infuse the most bottom-line dollars possible back into your company.
  • Never underestimate the value of people. Get your employees involved in day-to-day processes, develop fair compensation plans, and reward individual accomplishments. Also, don’t be afraid to share financials about the company as whole, because this nurtures engagement and loyalty.
  • You’re always selling! You have to put forth the image of your business the way you view it. It’s your baby – make sure the business is always as professional as possible.

Get bottom-line advice, no matter where you are in your business life cycle.

  1. Start-up – Together, we’ll take a look at realistic start-up costs to launch your business as well as what you’ll need to be successful over the long run. We’ll discuss creating a rock-solid culture from the get-go; implementing efficient processes for sales, marketing, and operations; and developing a business plan that sets you up for success.
  2. Expansion – When I bought Acrobat Outsourcing in 2005, the annual revenue was appallingly low and the “professional” office in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district was dark, dusty, and cramped. Clearly, growth and expansion were high on my to-do list. Over the course of 14 years, I grew the company to 18 offices coast-to-coast, with hundreds of loyal employees, and annual revenue of $50 million. How? Based on trial and error, I developed a proprietary, methodical approach for expansion that delivers the highest ROI in terms of efficiency, loyal employees, unified culture, and long-term profitability.
  3. Preparing your exit strategy – Are you looking to sell and/or retire? If so, I have 3 words of advice: “Start planning NOW.” I’d love to help you develop your exit strategy. Let’s get started, so you can get the highest sale price possible for your business. This may require updating systems and processes, introducing new products or services, and finding ways to infuse the business with fresh energy. Think of it as staging a house before selling it – staging guarantees a significantly higher offer. We can do the same thing with your business!

Ready to uncover your hidden potential?

Together, let’s identify entrepreneurial strategies for your business – the strategies that will deliver ultimate success and financial freedom.

How can you MAXIMIZE the value of your business?

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