Conduct Due Diligence

Are you conducting extensive due diligence prior to buying or acquiring a business?

When it comes to buying or acquiring a company, you have one shot at due diligence. Most buyers, including private equity and venture capital companies, have the financial expertise to really dive into the financials. They can thoroughly dissect the numbers to make sure the company is profitable – and has potential for future growth.

But there’s more to the story…

Financials alone cannot determine whether this opportunity represents the right investment. When I contract with you as part of your due diligence team, I’ll dig deep to conduct an extensive, thorough audit. Some of the many facets to investigate include:

  • What does the company’s culture look like?
  • Do they have the right team in place to help you maximize your investment?
  • Are processes and procedures in place for a smooth transition?
  • Is the company poised for growth or is there a need for additional investments in order to maximize the business potential?
  • What does the sales pipeline look like? Are sales stagnant or is there momentum?
  • How do current customers feel about this business?
  • Is the company in HR compliance?
  • Are there any “skeletons in the closet” that have not been exposed? (Any lurking, hidden issues need to be brought to light, since they could impact the company’s value or terminate the purchase process.)

During due diligence, you need to get the FULL story.

It’s imperative to uncover as much as possible during the due diligence period. This will help you clarify the true value of the company you are buying – and it gives you negotiating power. It also gives you a snapshot of the company’s ACTUAL culture and processes before you walk through the front door as owner.

During my 14 years as CEO of Acrobat Outsourcing – a $50 million business – I gained a tremendous amount of experience while acquiring multiple companies and being part of the due diligence process. Admittedly, financials are important. Plus, my approach excels in taking a thorough look at the entire sales and marketing, operations, human resources, and cultural fit.

After dissecting the entire operation of your potential investment, you’ll receive a comprehensive report of my findings. This helps you make an educated decision about whether to move forward with the acquisition.

Getting the full story means getting complete information.

The power of accurate, complete information is critical to making the decision to move forward with potential investments. A complete picture also helps you clarify actual value – and gives you negotiating power. Let me help your due diligence team take a thorough, extensive look at the business you’re looking to purchase, so you can make an educated decision. It’s money well spent.

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