Hire Second Chancers

How do you beat historically low unemployment rates?

As a business owner, you know recruitment is an ongoing challenge. Sometimes it feels like a merry-go-round. You can invest countless time, energy, and dollars into the hiring process followed by onboarding, training, and guiding the new hire to ramp up to full productivity.

Then – BAM! – the employee quits. Perhaps recruited away by a competitor. Or perhaps jumping from company to company as a shortcut to salary increases. Either way, loyalty is lacking. And you’re back at the starting line.

Here’s a unique social-responsibility recruitment solution…

Discover a hidden resource for new hires during an era of historically low unemployment rates and the uncertainty of legal immigration. As CEO of Acrobat Outsourcing, I uncovered an overlooked – and often forgotten – group of people. I had a great deal of success hiring reformed ex-offenders (Second Chancers) and those who have been left behind: military veterans and people with special needs.

Why should you hire Second Chancers and Left-Behinders?

While running Acrobat Outsourcing, I personally interviewed, vetted, and hired tens of thousands of employees to fulfill organizations’ temporary and permanent job openings. With 18 offices nationwide, my staffing solutions company placed employees at Apple, DropBox, Fairmont, Google, Hyatt, and Marriott as well as elite university systems such as Stanford, UCLA, USC, University of Texas, and UC Berkeley; large hospital systems throughout the US; and concessionaires for major league sports teams and events including multiple Super Bowls and World Series.

Of course, I also handpicked people who would fit into our own company’s culture and would thrive. Through this process, I gained extraordinary insight into recruiting, hiring, firing, and selecting high-potential employees.

I mastered the ability to thoroughly vet candidates, read body language, and carefully interview them. I learned how to ask straightforward questions that would elicit honest, straight-from-the-heart answers.

I saw that many people (not all) truly wanted another chance. They have pride. They have families to support. Reformed ex-offenders (Second Chancers) are done with the streets, drugs, and prison. Military vets and people with special needs (Left-Behinders) simply need someone to believe in them – and take a risk for them.

Hiring this overlooked group is a calculated risk. It must be approached strategically.

Truthfully, this company initiative is not a cakewalk. You cannot simply turn this project over to a well-meaning HR intern. So how can you assure success with this social-responsibility recruitment initiative? Let me help you set the groundwork. We’ll develop a strategic process to carefully vet, interview, and hire Second Chancers and Left-Behinders.

We’ll identify the shining stars, then place them in jobs throughout your organization where they can find success and personal pride. I guarantee they’ll pay you back in spades with appreciation and loyalty. Click to read several Success Stories.

With this recruitment strategy, your business will benefit in more ways than you can count.

I truly believe everyone deserves a second chance! Done strategically, this proven strategy will improve your bottom line and reflect positively in your community. In fact, you can leverage this company initiative as a public relations tool to attract new business and high-potential employees.

I know from years of experience: This is an exciting, rewarding way to differentiate your company – and make a difference!

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