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Thinking he was buying a “diamond in the rough” in 2005, it turned out Steve Scher bought a tiny, under-performing staffing company with minimal revenue, 2 unreliable employees, and no real business systems. An entrepreneur intent on creating a successful business, Steve built out his company to 18 offices nationwide, with hundreds of employees and $50 million in annual revenue.

Along the way, Steve encountered virtually every roadblock entrepreneurs endure in their business journey including economic downturns. In the process, he honed his leadership skills, learned the true value of employees, and understood the importance of creating a great culture. Eventually, he achieved every entrepreneur’s dream by selling his business for millions of dollars.

Today, Steve Scher is a business advisor and mentor for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and franchise owners. Acclaimed author of High Risk, High Reward, Steve guides business owners to achieve ultimate success and financial freedom.

When speaking to business groups, he’s passionate about sharing proven strategies to:

  • Build out your business for maximum value
  • Hire Second Chancers and Left-Behinders – a unique social-responsibility recruitment strategy
  • Conduct extensive due diligence when buying a company


Growth is the goal: How should you build out your business?

For most entrepreneurs, an aggressive growth strategy – and eventually selling the business – is the path to ultimate success and financial freedom. In the process of building (and later selling) a $50 million business, Steve Scher learned how to scale and replicate processes while establishing coast-to-coast locations. Eventually, he mastered a proprietary approach that delivers the best ROI in terms of efficiency, loyal employees, unified culture, and long-term profitability. In this talk, Steve shares his formula for entrepreneurial success – a proven formula to realize the full potential of your business and maximize the value.

In this eye-opening discussion, small business owners will learn how to:

  • Assess the approach – acquisition vs. organic growth – that best suits their growth goals
  • Build a team of loyal, capable, committed employees
  • Create a strong, unified culture across every office or division
  • Efficiently replicate processes and scale your business for the greatest ROI
  • Maximize the value of their business to receive the highest EBITDA multiple possible


Discover a unique social-responsibility recruitment strategy

With historically low unemployment rates and the uncertainty of immigration reform, hiring loyal employees is harder than ever. Business advisor Steve Scher has a solution: Hire a “hidden pool” of employees: reformed ex-offenders (Second Chancers) and those who have been left behind: military vets and people with special needs. Steve’s unique recruiting solution is based on his fervent belief that everyone deserves a second chance. Plus, it’s a proven solution based on his 14 years of interviewing, vetting, and hiring tens of thousands of employees while CEO of Acrobat Outsourcing. This staffing solutions company placed Second Chancers in jobs at Apple, Google, Marriott, Stanford University, Dropbox, Stripe, and more.

In this candid discussion, participants will discover:

  • Why hiring Second Chancers and Left-Behinders is a calculated risk your company SHOULD take
  • Specific strategies to ensure this initiative delivers win/win results
  • How to leverage this initiative via public relations to attract community support, new business, and high-potential employees looking to be part of something GREAT
  • How, ultimately, this recruitment strategy enhances your bottom line


Buying a business? Apply 3 due diligence strategies for a complete picture

There’s more to buying a company than studying its financials. If your business is considering acquiring another company, you must extensively “look under the hood” during the due diligence process. It’s critical to get a real feel for that company’s culture, processes, and actual value to make an educated purchase decision. During Steve Scher’s 14 years as CEO of Acrobat Outsourcing – a $50 million business – he gained tremendous experience while acquiring multiple companies and participating in the due diligence process.

In this insightful discussion, you’ll learn why it’s important to:

  • Take a thorough look at the entire sales and marketing, operations, human resources, and cultural fit.
  • Discover “skeletons in the closet” – lurking issues that need to be brought to light, since this could impact the company’s value or terminate the purchase process.
  • Assemble a complete picture of key company facets to clarify actual value, gain negotiating power, and make the final decision whether to move forward with the investment.

Steve Scher’s talks are perfect for these groups:

  • Conferences and networking events for entrepreneurs and small business owners
  • Franchise meetings and conferences for franchise owners
  • Human Resources conferences with a focus on recruitment strategies
  • Events for aspiring entrepreneurs

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